What is it?

The Fathom Church internship is time flexible (summer, 6, 12, 18, or 24 month-long) leadership development program for students/post-grads interested in vocational ministry in the local Church.

Who is it for?

The Fathom Church internship is focused on college and seminary students interested in vocational ministry in the local Church. All applications will be accepted, but this is our focus, and will therefore, dictate positions.

What are the primary purposes of the Internship?

The Fathom Church Internship forms the interns in three different ways.

Exposure. Interns will be exposed to a number of different leadership opportunities and experiences that will shape their understanding of vocational ministry within the local Church. This includes, but is not limited to, staff and elder meetings, member meetings, hospital visits, etc.

Equipping. Interns will grow in how they are gifted by frequently putting their gifts to work with a lot of room for failure. Preparation for a lifetime of vocational ministry doesn’t start in school, it starts in the local Church. They will come alongside a staff member for growth coaching meetings.

Experience. Interns will work. Interns will be given work that is fulfilling, stretching, and encouraging. They will be an integral part of Fathom Church’s organizational workforce, gaining important experience within a local Church.

How is the Fathom Church Internship structured?

Intern involvement will be both general and specific. Interns will do a number of things together and with staff in a general sense. This includes the required curriculum, a number of meetings and events, and other aspects of the internship. Interns will work specifically with one staff member and one ministry area. For example, all interns will attend staff meetings, but only the Kids Intern will attend Fathom Kids meetings.

In which areas of ministry are internships available?

  • Church Planting
  • Worship
  • Communications
  • Teaching/Preaching
  • Kids & Students
  • Operations (Leadership & Logistics)
  • Formation & Care (Community & Counseling)


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